looMartine and Gordon purchased the Maine Wood Bed and Breakfast in 2008 with a clear vision in mind. They wanted to provide the tourists and visitors of the lovely Maine area with a luxurious but quintessential experience. From the beginning, the family started their journey together in making this lovely old house into the top bed and breakfast it became. Intense remodeling started a few months after purchasing the property and after initially having four additional rooms, they are now proudly presenting their property as an eight bed roomed bed and breakfast.

Where the previous rooms were all without bathrooms the desire to make guests comfortable and at home caused their renovations to include seven en-suite bedrooms with only one room with a bathroom across the hall.

Even though both Martine and Gordon come from a completely different world than Bed and Breakfast owners, it has been a dream they had since their marriage twenty-nine years ago. The proud parents of two children both in the hospitality industry with Molly a souse chef and Pauline a R& D manager they left their respective industries too. Gordon has been in construction all of his life while Martine is an interior decorator and when you throw together such an awesome foursome you should know that you would and could only expect the best.

The decision to open a Bed &Breakfast in a home on a large property that we initially purchased as retirement home when we retire one day was the best we have made. Since we opened our doors, we have been proud of everything we have accomplished and love to invite our guests into our midsts. We feel that our home is their home and treat them as friends of the family. As a family owned and operated B& B, we have only our guest’s comfort in mind and will continue our service excellence.

What People Says

Exceeded all our expectations!

I booked a team-building weekend with the Maine Wood a few weeks ago and receive only excellent feedback. Not only wee they the most affordable bed and breakfast in the area but also booking for a team of eight people from guvenlebahisoyna.com, they had enough rooms for everyone to have their own privacy. The conference room was adequate after I attended one meeting and noticed that the B&B owners went out of their way to accommodate everybody and even arranged outside catering for other meals aside from their own kitchen. I would certainly use them again in the future in both business and private capacity!

Recep Karakus
Senior Web Designer / En iyi canlı bahis siteleri

Great hospitality and excellent service

I know that I can be difficult at times and attending a difficult business meeting in the area, someone suggested that I stay here if privacy was my concern. I have to admit that even with my difficult nature did the owners never take offence and treated me with decency and respect and I have to say that their hospitality and friendly service had to soften my hardness. I was allowed lovely breakfasts in my room before the rest of the guests were up as I left early in the morning and it was piping hot, fresh, and delicious. The rooms are spacious with comfortable beds and excellent high speed complimentary Wi-Fi as well.

Shaun Aswell
Director / aswell.com

Excellent value for money

We had an amazing first time experience in Maine a few months ago and a large part of our pleasure was due to the fact that we stayed at this cozy and elegant bed and breakfast. The owners were there all the time without intruding into our personal space and incredibly helpful when guiding us on best attractions of the area. We had the best room with a great view and utter privacy when we wanted it and company of couples staying there when we wanted it too. A lovely porch with magnificent views, elegant dining room and scrumptious breakfasts too, I highly recommend that you give them a visit.

Adelaide Loren
Sales Executive / loreningic.com

Could not ask for better!

If I go to the Maine area you will not find me anywhere else. After I booked a room at Maine Wood several years ago when he went on a golfing tournament, he told me about his love for the B & B and the great hospitality of the owners. When we went there two weeks ago, I had to agree, it was amazing, and I love to share this!

Aleine Allen
writer / smalto.com

Delicious breakfast and comfortable rooms

I have nothing but gratitude and praise for this lovely couple and their excellent hospitality. They had the best breakfasts I have ever enjoyed and certainly the most attention to details as well. The bedrooms are awesome with a great comfortable queen sized bed. The entire team had only the task at hand in mind and our personal comfort was their priority.

Sally Fielding
PHP developer / Casinometropol